Singapore International Books

About Us

SGBookShelf is an eCommerce bookstore that is established by Page to Print Pte Ltd. It serves to complement the publishing platform of PagetoPrint by allowing both publishers and authors to leverage on a different avenue to host and sell their titles.


Since its inception in December 2019, we are humbled by the vast collection of titles that are available, spanning from over 400 titles to choose from. Our list of noteworthy publishers include Asiapac Books, Gerakbudaya, Pagesetters Services, Word Image, Seameo RELC, Ukiyoto Publishing, Gaudy Boy and authors like Joshua Chiang, Kelly Beh, Irene Lim, J C Sum, Raju Bhupatiraju, and many more.

If you would like to host your books on SGBookShelf, feel free to contact us or learn more here.