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Embedded in the male DNA, the menace of sexual harassment of women in the workplace is taking shocking proportions. A key driver in this problem is the general environment characterized by fast-deteriorating moral standards and code of conduct. The problem appears insurmountable when we factor in different work environments, countries, and societal values and norms. Sexual harassment of women in the workplace is now a serious issue that requires a collective, multi-stakeholder endeavor. While there is an encouraging trend towards more debate, awareness and sensitivity with respect to the problem, a considerable amount of money, time, effort and other resources will be required to form legislation, policies and procedures to grapple with this sly evil. We need to address the growing curse of sexual harassment at the country, organizational, and individual level. This book takes a ‘self-defense’ approach to fighting the menace. The book offers 150 insightful yet practical tips for women to shield themselves from the despicable curse of sexual harassment. Although the focus here is on working women, the tips, insights and examples will also assist women in fighting sexual harassment in social interaction with family and friends.

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ISBN-13: 978-8194435969

Writer: Irfan Amir, Shahnaz Choudhry

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Year: 2019

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Genre: Self-Help

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150 Tips on Fighting Sexual Harassment of Women in the Workplace

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