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The island of Singapore has long thrived on the fusion of trade and culture, and this history goes back at least 700 years; a tradition which continues into Singapore’s immediate past. Beginning in 1832, this story is about the meeting of different cultures, who are united under a newfound faith. While most other communities at this time were bound by some degree of clan, racial affiliation or language, the Roman Catholic community was different. From its early days, it was an amalgam of people from different backgrounds. It is possible that divisions did exist, but there were also more opportunities to overcome them than previously recognised. In effect, this community predates modern concepts of multicultural and multiracial Singapore by at least a century.

Author bio:
Marc Sebastian Rerceretnam has a PhD in Economic History and is an independent researcher, historian and published author. He was born and bred in Singapore but currently lives in Sydney with his wife and three daughters.  He specialises in the colonial history of Singapore as well as the origins of Christianity in the Malay Archipelago. He has a special interest in social and political trends and movements in colonial and present-day Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Email: marc@hwy.com.au

Title: A History of Immigrant Roman Catholics and Converts in Early Singapore 1832–1945
Author: Marc Sebastian Rerceretnam
Publisher: M S Rerceretnam
ISBN: 9780645236408
Book Size: 145.0 mm x 220.0 mm
Pages: 160
Weight: 392g
Year: 2021
History, Peranakan, Multiracialism, Religion, Roman Catholic, Multiculturalism, Intermarriage, Race, Ethnicity, Class, Gender, Racism, Business, Colonialism, Immigration

A History of Immigrant Roman Catholics and Converts in Early Singapore 1832–1945

SKU: 9780645236408