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I do recommend this book as a good resource for your understanding of the Word of God, The Bible. Rev. Alfred Ang, Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Assembly of God (2005)

Larry's paintings have an ethereal quality that enriches the book that he has painstakingly labored over the years. They are daring, evocative and present his point of view in an unique way. Dr. Quek Swee Hwa, Dean, Biblical Graduate School of Theology (2005)

Why This Endeavour?

Abraham’s Journey to Christ emerged from a seed thought to do something for the love of Israel: its land, its history, its God, my God. The idea pitted itself against my own doubts stemming from an informal learning in art, history, theology and the relevant sciences. Between the devil and the deep blue sea, this is where my personal relationship with God calls for faith, trust and obedience. But what I envisioned as a few months' work stretched to two full years. In the process, what mattered more than talent was character. Character that embodies faith, discipline and diligence, without the assurance of money or anyone looking over one's shoulder, will transform a dreamer into a doer. The experiential process of producing this book has therefore entrenched me deeper in God. I, for one, am all the more indebted to the forbears of my Judeo-Christian roots. To all the unsung heroes then, thank you. Shalom.

Abraham’s Journey to Christ serves as an evangelical tool for Christians; reason being that its major theme stresses the fact that all "the Law and the Prophets" that is the Old Testament, culminated in Christ Jesus. Thirty-five paintings alone accompany the segment on the Gospel. Therefore, should you need a gift for a friend, a loved one, an associate or a superior, a student or a lecturer, I humbly ask you to consider this book as a potential gift for someone dear since it speaks volumes through words and pictures despite its academic slant. Your purchase will indeed help. And even though the book is available at selected bookstores, you may purchase it from me as well and have the advantage of having the author to sign as requested. Larry James

About the Author

Essentially a layman, Larry James is a self-taught artist and writer. The script therefore retains its originality: pure, raw and unedited, being the sole work of the author.




Abraham’s Journey To Christ

SKU: 9813056835