Anjali is a brave girl, but like many kids, she’s nervous about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. During an open conversation with her doctor, Anjali gains confidence by learning how vaccines work to protect her body. At the same time, she develops a desire to help others, thanks to the example of amazing scientists who created life-saving vaccines. Join Anjali the Brave on this educational journey where she discovers how vaccines keep us safe and healthy.

Dr. Adjoa Smalls-Mantey, MD, DPhil, is a physician-scientist and writer. She conducted viral immunology research for many years ,and currently practices psychiatry in New York City. Her mission as a writer is to empower people by sharing information about health, wellness, and mental illness. Dr. Smalls-Mantey loves art and enjoys traveling.

Dr. Maria Abraham, MD, MPH, is a public health physician who has spent her career working in Asia and the United States. She is passionate about improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations. Dr. Abraham is a mother to two boys who keep her busy and always entertained. She and her family enjoy traveling the globe and eating their way through the wonderful neighborhoods of New York City.

Title: Anjali the Brave
Author: Maria Abraham, Adjoa Smalls-Mantey
Publisher: Indies United
ISBN: 9781644564080
Book Size: 219.0 mm x 222.0 mm
Pages: 37
Weight: 173g
Year: 2022
Genre: Children's books, Educational books

Anjali the Brave

SKU: 9781644564080