About The Book
In this book of short essays, paired with accompanying exercises, Clarissa Lee explores the concept and practice of artscience, which provides a bridge beyond the illusory division of art and science into "two cultures". Artscience transcends disciplinary identification, and yet it is derived from how art and science meet and collaborate. Regardless whether you are reading this from the background of someone who is science- or art-inclined, this book provides an alternative education for a new day and age through a study of topics as varied as the geometry of beehives, quantum behaviour and colonial science, as well as explorations of the nature of the scientist and time, space and memory.

About The Author
Clarissa Lee Ai Ling is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Creative Arts in Universiti Malaya. In her sparse free time, she likes to play tabletop games, read on non-work related topics, learn about the latest technology and work on manual creative projects. She tweets as @normasalim.

About The Contributors
Cover design courtesy of Hasnul Jamal Saidon of Universiti Sains Malaysia. Adapted from “Door design for SPICES - Interactive Gallery for Medical Sciences USM”. Interior illustrations by Srijah Nair.

Title: Artscience: A Curious Education
Author: Clarissa Ai Ling Lee
Publisher: Gerakbudaya
ISBN: 9789670311739
Book Size: 130.0 mm x 190.0 mm
Pages: 170
Weight: 234g
Year: 2021
Genre: Art and Science, nonfiction


SKU: 9789670311739