About The Book


“Can I love?”


I often find myself asking this question. This seemingly simple question isn’t as straightforward for me because of my disability.


Having muscular dystrophy means that it has become progressively impossible for me to do many of the things I could previously do. Knowing that I would eventually lose most of my physical abilities and independence, I didn’t know if I should even embark on a journey to find romantic love.


While I am perfectly able to love someone emotionally, what physical intimacy and long-term commitment can I offer? Is it just enough to love someone with all my heart, and only my heart, without the physical and practical aspects of a relationship? Will I become a burden to my partner instead?


Being a hopeless romantic, my desire for romantic love compelled me to start on this journey. I had many crushes and met many failures that hurt me deeply. Eventually, my perseverance paid off and I entered a relationship. Short-lived it may be, it was one of the best experiences in my life – never have I felt so empowered before.


Through this book, I want to share my journey to find love. May it open your heart and mind to the matter of love for persons with disabilities.


About The Author


Oh Boon Keng was born with muscular dystrophy – a genetic disease that causes his muscles to weaken over time. Despite his disability, Boon Keng wants to lead as “normal” a life as he can. He did not want to be seen as “special” just because of his disability. He only wanted to get good grades, get a good job, make many friends, fall in love, get married… simply be ordinary.


As Boon Keng learnt, an ordinary life is not always attainable: there are many doors closed to him due to his disability and barriers in society. In particular, he had encountered failure time and again in his pursuit of romantic love, for more than 20 years of his life. As a person with disability, he found it a challenge to speak openly about matters of the heart.


Now, as he enters his 30s, Boon Keng has finally mustered the courage to share such matters publicly, through his first book Can I Love?.

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Year: 2021
Genre: Non-Fiction

Can I Love?

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