Project-based learning (PBL) has a number of benefits for language learners. Project work is authentic, meaningful, and therefore motivating; it introduces rich activities that integrate all four language skills; it engages learners in collaborative and co-operative language learning; it frequently involves students in developing their digital literacies; and, it is student centred and so enhances learner autonomy. Introducing projects in language education can be challenging for teachers whose own experience of language learning and teaching has relied mostly on more traditional pedagogical approaches.

This booklet provides a theoretically-informed but practical guide to implementing PBL by addressing the following key themes:

1) Understanding project-based learning;
2) Designing the project;
3) Structuring the language and skills support;
4) Facilitating collaboration;
5) Using digital media to create and share products;
6) Assessing project work.


Publisher: SEAMEO RELC

Doing Project-based Learning in Language Education

SKU: 9789811463150