About the Book

This title was produced during the time of COVID crisis in 2020 to unite nations across the world through poetry.

Poets in this title have written their content in Bengali, Ndebele, Tshivenḓa, Igbo, Kipsigis and Serbian.Each poem is followed by a corresponding translation in English.

Eîdos means ‘shape’ in Greek. This is the second volume of the series Unitatis. The first volume is titled, Kalós meaning ‘beautiful’. Both the above words are the roots of the English word, Kaleidoscope depicting here to be different reflections of life.

Product Specifications

ISBN-13: 978-9389855883

Writer: Amrita Mukherjee, Banqobile Virginia Dakamela, Eveready Moyo, Gabriel Udensi, Herine Ruto, Nenad Trajkovic

Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.2 x 8 inches

Shipping Weight: 149 g

Price: S$5.60

Year: 2020

Finish: Perfect Binding

Genre: Literature & Fiction

Paperback: 84 pages

Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing

Language: English

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Eidos: Volume Two of Unitatis

SKU: 9789389855883