HERD is a fantasy comic set in the Stone Age, a time when vampires were the dominant species and humans little more than prey. As the story begins, vampire society is starting to show signs of fragility. After years of hunting humans without restraint, they now find their food source is a rarity. The Crumbling is spreading through their people, a deadly disease brought about by the onset of starvation. Vampires of all castes are starting to lose faith in the old ways, creating a space for new ideas.

Purtian could be the vampire to provide those ideas. After arriving at Camp Vlaynos, he delivers his message to all that will listen, delivering his radical sermon of violence and genocide. This message is not one that Shala, the autarch of Vlaynos, wants to gain popularity. Purtian also seems to have a more subtle plan, as he secretly engages a human prisoner on his own special mission.

Meanwhile, we meet a tribe of humans, led by Oni, living in the harsh reality of the world. Simply hunting and avoiding danger wherever possible. Each day is like the last, focused on nothing more than survival. Until, one day, a mysterious stranger arrives in camp with a message from an unheard-of Vampire. Will the humans listen to the stranger and if they do, what exactly is Purtian’s plan?

About the Comics Creators
GEOFF RICHARDS is an academic who would prefer it if the entire world communicated in comics. HERD is the second comic he has written, although the first is still being illustrated by his wife - who insists that she is "working on it". He is from the UK but has relocated to Singapore, as he prefers writing things in the sunshine.

PETER HABJAN grew up in Hanover, Ontario, Canada, and graduated from the Classical Animation Program at Sheridan College in 2003. He lives in Toronto, and has worked in the animation industry as an animator, designer and storyboard artist.

JOHN CHARLES is a professional comic book artist and colourist. He's been a graphic designer for Trident Comics, drawn/digitally painted covers and illustrated some Future Shocks for 2000AD, provided cover art for Antarctic Press and IDW in the U.S., and coloured Spectacular Spider-Man and a variety of other strips for Panini UK's Marvel Heroes comic. He also co-wrote a three-part story for them co-staring Spider-Man and the X-Men. John has lectured in comic book art at Staffordshire University on and off for several years. Most recently, he's been a regular colourist on Sinister Dexter and Judge Dredd for 2000AD. John likes custard and Bakewell tarts and beetroot and jacket potatoes, amongst other things. Oh, he is also the co-creator of the fantastic TechnoFreak omic from Sunday Lunch Comics!

ROB JONES is a letterer and writer of comics. He has lettered for companies such as Image, Humaniods, BHP Comics, Comichaus, DC Thomson and many small press and indie titles. He has also written comics such as Horrere, Griff Gristle and Paperbacks and Inkstains with co-writer Mike Sambrook under Madius Comics. You can find him on twitter@RobJonesWrites often shouting nothingness into the void. He has a large selection of floral shirts and wishes to pack himself into Geoff's suitcase.

Herd #1

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