About the Book

Uh oh! Siona's family needs her help!

Siona is worried about her mum going back to work at her hair salon while a dangerous virus is on the loose, making so many people sick! Siona decides to do something to help her mum cut hair and stay safe at the same time. She comes up with some creative and ingenious solutions, but will they work?

This fully illustrated children's book serves as a humourous and sensitive way to introduce children to a public health crisis, lockdowns and the pandemic's effects on working families. Siona comes up with clever, compassionate ways to keep her mum safe, all while learning to turn fear and anxiety into positive, constructive action. A perfect book for any family to inspire a conversation about "the new normal" during the pandemic.

You can access free downloadables for children of different ages including and an educator's guide full of fun activities to get even more from the book here: www.touchingdistance.com. If you’re interested to engage with Linda for a school author visit or speaking engagements, you can find more information on her website above. 

Lockdown Hair

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