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This book explores the journey of models and actors in the entertainment industry. Fascinated by glamour and fame, several aspirants make a foray into media to fulfill their dream. As their journey begins, also begins their struggle to find work, look good at all times, deal with competition, network and sustain in the business. Despite the peak moments and the periodic lows, the pressures, the hard work, and the time spent, fame remains an elusive territory for most. This book offers snippets from real life stories of models and actors while attempting to give a sneak peek into a paradoxical world where glitches accompany the glamour. Moreover, it brings to the forefront the mundane elements camouflaged behind larger than life backdrops. Through in-depth interviews of experts as well as models and actors, this book encapsulates the lives of those smitten by media while exploring their journey to fame.

Product Specifications

ISBN-13: 978-9390237364

Writer: Bindiya Dutt

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches

Shipping Weight: 250 g

Price: S$6.40

Year: 2020

Finish: Perfect Binding

Genre: Arts & Photography

Paperback: 129 pages

Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing

Language: English

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