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In January 2019 a young woman’s brutally murdered body was found near a tram stop in Melbourne, Australia. Her name was Aiia Maasarwe and the media reported that she was Israeli. She was Palestinian. Three days later Codey Herrmann, a young Aboriginal man, pleaded guilty to the murder in a magistrate’s court. In October 2019 he was sentenced in Victoria’s Supreme Court to 36 years in jail.
Many unanswered questions remain. Why did a young Palestinian woman, who stood for peace and understanding, become a target in Australia? Why did a troubled young Aboriginal man, with a severely deprived background but no previous record, suddenly become a killer? In this compelling book, veteran journalist Alex Mitchell investigates.

About The Author
ALEX MITCHELL is an Australian journalist and author. He has reported on politics and society from Australia, Britain, the Middle East, China, America, Canada and around the world. In the 1960s he was part of the legendary INSIGHT investigative team on the London Sunday Times before becoming editor of the UK-based Workers Press and its successor, the daily News Line. In 1986 he returned to his native Australia to join Sydney’s Sun-Herald, where he became State Political Editor and President of the NSW Parliamentary Press Gallery. In 2011 he published his autobiography Come the Revolution: A Memoir. Carmen Callil, co-founder of the world’s first feminist publishing house Virago, said: “Mitchell adds two special qualities to a fabulous life: a great heart, and a magical pen”. Alex writes a current affairs blog on his website, www.cometherevolution.com.au

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Title: Murder in Melbourne
Author: Alex Mitchell
ISBN: 9789811444753
Book Size: 110.0 mm x 175.0 mm
Pages: 80
Weight: 115g
Year: 2020
Genre: Non-Fiction

Murder in Melbourne

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