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Still relevant despite the passage of time, Tajuddin Rasdi’s musings on the state of architecture in Malaysia remain essential readings for both experts and the public. There remains a relative lack of public discourse on architecture, since much of it circulates within the professional sector and academia. Here, the author presents blueprints for better architecture in a fast-changing environment, studying practical, environmental and cultural facets. By discussing everything from shopping malls to the revival of ornamentation, this collection allows us to think more broadly about the kind of architecture that best suits a New Malaysia. Description...

About The Author
Dr Tajuddin Rasdi is a professor of architecture at USCI University and is a popular commentator with a column in Free Malaysia Today and in Sin Chew Daily. His first book with SIRD, Rethinking Malaysia: Politics, Extremism and Education, was published in 2019.

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Title: Our Architecture
Author: Tajuddin Rasdi
Publisher: Gerakbudaya Enterprise
ISBN: 9789670311685
Book Size: 130.0 mm x 190.0 mm
Pages: 132
Weight: 193g
Year: 2020
Genre: Buildings–Malaysia

Our Architecture

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