About The Book
The winner of the 2021 Gaudy Boy Poetry Book Prize.

A collection of experiments, mechanical dream logs, epistolaries, and field notes, Time Regime assembles an emergent mutant body intent on interrupting neoliberal imperialism’s rhythms and expectations.

Disassembling and reassembling the (marginalized) body through the intersecting lenses of ecofeminism and necrosociality, the poems in Time Regime form a poetic fugue that defies regimes of purity and correctness, in an historical epoch demarcated by violence, discipline, and erasure.

Reflecting Jhani Randhawa’s distinct post-deconstructionist impulse, Time Regime navigates the multiplicities of history, time, embodiment, and language to explore queer* phenomenology; postindustrial longing; ritual; and economic, ecological, and spiritual precarity. Time Regime traces the lives, ecological contexts, and dreams of multiple beings— rice germ, red ticks, a grandmother’s skin cells, limestone deposits, machine intelligence, shaggy language, the poet, no-self, or the mythological winged cow Surabhi—as they collide and float in parallel vectors. Displaced and seeking, these spectral and material bodies erode and recombine at the edges of domestic ruin, ecological collapse, and state-sanctioned death, delivering an image of presence that seeks communion with mess.

In their transcending debut, Jhani Randhawa posits an alternative figuration for the post-modern self—one untethered by oppressive regimes marked by systems of silence—and gives us a body that transforms itself into a site of resistance by bearing witness to our living.

About The Author
Jhani Randhawa is a Kenyan-Punjabi/Anglo-American multidisciplinary artist and independent scholar. They received a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, and live between the US and the UK With Teo Rivera-Dundas, Jhani is a cofounding editor of rivulet, an experimental journal dedicated to investigations of the interstitial.

“An impressively realized work of poetry, with the maturity and assurance that are more typical of second or third books.”—Dorothy Wang, professor, Williams College

“Randhawa’s stunning first book invites us to journey along with them through a multitude of worlds—present, historical, personal—and immerse ourselves in the complexities of language and what it means to be alive.”—Wendy Chen, poet, Unearthings

“What an honor to be in kinship with Randhawa’s Time Regime, a topographic undertaking that reads, or swallows, like a palindrome of textures to be perceived both backward and forward at the same time…”—Sophia Terazawa, poet, Winter Phoenix

“Composed with the diligence and precision of a cartographer…Time Regime asks you to listen to the iteration of earth we inhabit, the little earths within us, and the possibilities of earth beyond our corporality…A kaleidoscopic collection.”—Jenifer Sang Eun Park, poet, Autobiography of Horse

“A rare page-turner that demands radical inclusivity from the breath of a brilliant writer. These pages wrangle with the divergent tools to awaken everyone who dares to be part of the poet’s experiment.”—CAConrad, poet, AMANDA PARADISE

“JFK Randhawa’s extraordinary debut is a pedagogical work of intimate poetry which considers dutifully the mortality of a beloved grandmother and models reparative strategies for abolishing settler-colonial and capitalist machinations of time.”—Joey De Jesus, poet, HOAX

“A careful attending and attunement to the residue of our heartbreaking world and intimate entanglements with the other wrecked bodies (human and otherwise) ‘caught in its gullet.’”—Ching-In Chen, poet, recombinant

“Jhani Randhawa’s poems bring me somewhere like home…Time Regime moves, gently, recklessly, always with great care, through water, wound, earth, archive, vision.”—Mallika Singh, author, Retrieval

“This is poetry of tremendous force…Jhani gives us a book like a bellows: opening and closing to make new heat/formulations from age-old methods that sing us into past and future at the same time.”—Jill Magi, poet and artist, SPEECH

“Both luminal and liminal, Time Regime shimmers new morphologies…the update for the time machine we never got.”—Jess Arndt, author, Large Animals

“Such dark, irresistible beauty in these poems…Here is a book with the capacity to disorient and reposition the senses…It is a feat, a feast, a fight.”—Sawako Nakayasu

“[A] stunning entry into the voyages of expansive verse projects.”—Will Vincent, author, Wildfires, I-XVI

“There is an ancient wisdom in these poems…I am in awe of this book, of the music, ambition, and sagacity of this new voice.”—Faisal Mohyuddin, poet, The Displaced Children of Displaced Children

“Magical…Part laboratory, part love letter, part auto-ecology, Time Regime is poetry as the process—and the art—of critical and selfless world-restoration.”—Brandon Shimoda, author, The Grave on the Wall

“Precise and chaotic, mathematical and botanical, distant and intimate. Jhani Randhawa is a poet of distinct and uncompromising perspective.”—Tarfia Faizullah, author, Seam

“Jhani Randhawa’s poems are cauldrons of energy, their jeweled forms have a thousand facets, but their imaginative and intellectual adventures always come full circle to their fundamental inspiration—the world as it is, toward which they display a loving devotion.”—Vijay Seshadri, Pulitzer Prize winner

Time Regime seeps into one like a slow, chemical rain into loam…The longer I sit with these poems, the more I want to shed ‘a tear chalky with calcium.’”—ignacio carvajal, author, allow

“To immerse oneself in Time Regime is to wade through a recurring dream…Randhawa offers a phenomenology of history only as such a visionary poet could, refracting a record of experience and its ancestral inheritances through the ecologies that encompass them.”—Maryam Ivette Parhizkar, author, As for the Future

Time Regime will implode you with its immanence.”—Shivanee Ramlochan, author, Everyone Knows I Am a Haunting

Title: Time Regime
Author: Jhani Randhawa
Publisher: Gaudy Boy
ISBN: 9780999451472
Book Size: 152.4 mm x 228.6 mm
Pages: 144
Weight: 273g
Year: 2022
Genre: Poetry

Time Regime

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