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Hiya Arya, a rich snotty brat was what everyone wanted her to be but in the mainstream reality, she was a rather relatably uncanny team leader who had put everything she had on the line for her team. A wrong move made by her surfaced in a hefty price paid by everyone.

Exiled to a newly built branch in Japan, in the most cliche way, a determination arose inside her to get back to the team and prove herself to the most mainstream villain ‘her Father’ wrong. For her, it was always an underdog story but somewhere in Japan between different languages and cities, her comical tragedy turned into a romantic comedy.

Product Specifications

ISBN-13: 978-9389855807

Writer: Akshita Mahajan

Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

Shipping Weight: 184g

Price: S$4.80

Year: 2020

Finish: Perfect Binding

Genre: Romance

Paperback: 82 pages

Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing

Language: English

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SKU: 9789389855807