About The Book
The Career Transition Handbook offers practical and inspirational advice about our rapid and evolving changing job market. It gives you the tools to take matters into your own hands by assessing your needs and strengths, finding the right work fit, weighing options, case studies, and arming you with all the information you need for career success in especially for PMET, SAF, Police and older workers.

About The Author

I am a Master Trainer and Lead Consultant for many corporate training programs and HR consultancies. I have also spent about four years as an Associate Professor for Central Queensland University. During my 30 years of corporate and consulting practice, I held several senior management positions (such as CEO and Director) of many public listed companies, including Neptune Orient Lines, ST Electronics, Freight Link Express Holdings, Sea Containers UK, James Cook University and Central Queensland University.

 Besides having a good academic background with an MBA and Doctorate degree from Central Queensland University Australia, I am also a certified ACTA trainer, a Certified Professional Logistician (CPL), a certified Senior Human Resource Professional (SHRI certification) ,and Practising Management Consultant (PMC) with SBACC.

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Title: Your Career Transition: All You Need To Know
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Your Career Transition: All You Need To Know

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